We have many solutions in these areas
Opening of private and company accounts with foreign and Ukrainian banks

Opening of accounts in Ukrainian banks to non-resident companies

Advising on financial monitoring and currency control

Provision of banking transactions

Opening accounts with Interactive Brokers. Transfer of funds to these accounts for investment in the US stock market

Planning of investment strategies, asset classes for investment, investment portfolio creation

Investing in Ukrainian government bonds, opening securities accounts, purchase of securities. Selection of bonds' profitability and payment terms. Support of securities portfolio

Alternative types of investment (real estate-based crediting)
Registration of non-resident companies, foundations, trusts

International business structuring

Business protection


Corporate and private taxation

Dispute settlement

Representing client's interests

Intellectual right

Citizenship, residence permit in foreign countries
Leisure and life
Organization and planning of travel. Ticket purchase, transfers

Organization of personal security

Banking operations
Legal services and taxes
Health. Property. Tourism

Creation and maintenance of your insurance portfolio

Evaluation of insurance portfolio and improvement of insurance coverage of the Family. Family representation in insurance companies
Concierge service
Daily tasks solution

Prompt solution of typical issues
Analysis of the capital history

Audit and declaration of assets

Capital structuring
General Family support
Personal Secretary

Help in daily routines
On Your side only